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Epson Discproducer PP-100II (C11CD37001) Disc Publisher

100-disc capacity publisher with six ink cartridges burns and prints discs

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Burn and Print Up to 100 Discs Per Hour With This All-In-One Publisher

With its 100-disc capacity, the Epson's Discproducer PP-100II was designed to handle your disc publishing jobs fast and at the lowest cost. From vibrant six-color inkjet printing and precision AcuGrip robotic technology, to its easy-to-use software and unmatched reliability, you'll get the highest quality results every time.
  • 100 disc capacity
  • Fast publishing: USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface
  • Fully automated: Leave production runs unattended
  • Reliable burning: Best-in-class accuracy
  • Publishes up to 30 CDs or 15 DVDs per hour
  • Economical to operate and maintain
  • Easy to use: Free Total Disc Maker software
Enabling fast and reliable CD/DVD production, the PP-100II features a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, and publishes 30 CDs/15 DVDs per hour (40/12x speed, 0.6/3.8GB data respectively) including printing on the disc surface. Production runs of 100 DVD-R DL x 8.5GB can be left to complete unattended thanks to the fully automated operation, the CD/DVD drives (Pioneer PR1 series) that provide best-in-class accuracy, and the AcuGripTM robotic arm, which ensures only one disc is grabbed at a time.

The PP-100II represents a cost-effective investment, as its maintenance cartridge and CD/DVD drives can be replaced by the user to extend its working lifespan to far more than 70,000 discs. The six-cartridge individual ink system keeps the cost-per-produced-disc low.

Easy to use and integrate into virtually any environment, the PP-100II is operated from the front, and allows easy monitoring of ink levels for each colour. As it is compact and fully stackable, the Discproducer also has valuable space-saving benefits for organisations with large-scale disc publishing needs.

Total Disc Maker software is included, providing advanced functions such as the 'read back' file location tool, for filename or content backup from a stack of up to 50 discs. The new 'merge print' feature burns and prints automatically individual content onto each disc surface, enabling easier batch production.


Epson is known worldwide for its advanced technology and the high reliability of its products including the quality of its robotics and printers. The Discproducer is no exception. Its compact design, dust-resistant body, minimum number of moving parts, outstanding print quality and patented AcuGrip technology, delivers superb reliability and output.

AcuGrip Technology Ensures Single Feed of Media

Unlike other disc publishers, the Epson Discproducer features patented AcuGrip picking technology which ensures that only one disc is placed in the drive or printer even if two are stuck together. The arm has a guide that places it in the center of the disc. Then three independently powered fingers extend to separate the top disc from the remaining discs. Finally the peel off lever (or kicker lever) lifts the top disc for transportation. If more than one disc is lifted, they will be put in the reject stacker or the system will indicate an error has occurred. This technology not only increases the life of the product, but helps protect against the interruption of unattended production runs due to mechanical blockage.

MicroPiezo Technology is Core to Epson Print Quality

MicroPiezo print heads are at the heart of every Epson inkjet printer. These print heads spray ink through microscopic nozzles, or holes on the print head. Each of these nozzles has tiny, piezo electric elements, which vibrate tens of thousands of times per second, allowing the nozzle to fire ink droplets onto the disc at extremely rapid rates. No heat is involved in the printing. This ensures greater accuracy when firing ink droplets precisely onto the disc. And, it gives the printer greater control over ink droplet size. MicroPiezo technology ensures uniform, stable ink droplets with virtually no satellites or misting all of which means you get the high quality results you'd expect from Epson.

Building on the Strength and Experience of Epson Robotics

When you build industrial robots, you learn about quality, reliability and precision engineering. And Epson is a world-leader in the design, development and manufacture of such robots as for medical technology and airbag testing. That's why our other products are so reliable because they are built on the platform of knowledge and experience gained from the robotics environment. The Epson Discproducer is a perfect example. Its compact design, coupled with its dust-proof body and a minimum of moving parts, delivers precision performance, superb reliability and amazingly low running costs.
Includes Easy-To-Use Total Disc Maker Software!
Discproducer comes with all the software you need to get the job done. Discproducer's easy-to-use Total Disc Maker Software includes disc editing, label editing and publishing functions. Simply select your data, design the label, configure the run, click "Publish" and you are done. Best of all, you don't have to be an expert to use the software. All it takes is a few easy steps.

1. Select Data
Epson's Disc Editing Software is easy to use. Simply select the media format, then drag, drop, and burn.
2. Design the Label
Use your own design or start with one of the many pre-defined templates and images provided. Then use the label editing tools to customize the label to your satisfaction. The preview display allows you to check your composition and save your work for easy retrieval in the future.
3. Configure Production
There are just a few steps before you're ready to publish. Epson's software leads you through the process, helping you to set the parameters such as the number of CDs and DVDs to be burned, the burning and print speed, the input/output trays for discs and print resolution. Then simply click "Publish" and your production run is under way.
4. Monitor Production
Epson's Total Disc Monitor Software keeps you informed about the status of all the important functions of the Discproducer as well as any current and pending jobs.

Specifications for the Epson Discproducer PP-100II

{ "CD DVD" : { "Burn & Print Speed CD" : "30 Discs/h (Fast mode) using Epson-recommended CD-R", "Burn & Print Speed DVD" : "15 Discs/h (Fast mode) using Epson-recommended DVD-R" }, "Output" : [ "External", "5 discs" ], "Capacity" : "50 discs", "Mode" : { "Batch" : "100 discs" }, "Printing" : "60 Discs/h (Fast mode)", "Print Head" : "Micro Piezo", "Printing Resolution" : "1440 x 720 dpi (Fast mode), 1440 dpi (Quality mode)", "Ink Type" : "Dye ink", "Colors" : "Cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, black", "Number of Colors" : "6", "Print Area" : { "Outside Diameter Setting" : "70 to 119 mm" }, "Range" : { "Inside Diameter Setting Range" : "18 to 50 mm", "Guaranteed Print Area" : "45 to 116 mm" }, "Number of Drives" : "2", "Writing Speed" : "CD-R 40x", "Media Types" : "CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL", "Size" : { "Outside Diameter" : "120 mm", "Inside Diameter": "15 mm" }, "Interface" : "USB 3.0", "Dimensions (W x D x H)" : "14.8 x 19.4 x 13.7" (377.0 x 493.0 x 348.0 mm)", "Weight" : "52.9 lb (24.0 kg)" }

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