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ETC Colorsource Cyc (7415A1000) Dedicated Cyclorama Fixture

All LED (RGBI-L) - Rich, Bright Light - Fully Convection Cooled

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  • ETC's Colorsource Cyc (ETC-CSCYC)
  • Yoke Accessory
  • 2-year limited warranty


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Enhance your lighting with this beautifully smooth wash fixture

ETC's ColorSource Cyc is a dedicated cyclorama fixture designed with the sole purpose of creating beautiful, smooth washes of light on a wall. With a five colors of red, green, blue, indigo, and lime, this fixture provides a great range of colors at an affordable price. The ColorSource Cyc is compact and lightweight making it unobtrusive on the floor or easily hung from a pipe.

ETC is a global leader in the manufacturing of lighting and rigging technology with an outstanding industry reputation for unmatched technical and customer service, 24/7/365. The company is dedicated to providing the best and most innovative products, services, and solutions to the markets they serve.


  • All LED (RGBI-L)
  • Fully convection cooled (No fan)
  • Simple setup and user interface

Specifications for the ETC Colorsource Cyc

{ "Source" : { "LED Details" : "42 Lumileds LUXEON C LEDs", "Max Lumens" : "4117", "Lumens Per Watt" : "31", "L70 Rating (Hours to 70% output)" : "50,000 hours (estimate pending testing data)" }, "Electrical" : { "Voltage range" : "100V-240VAC, 50/60Hz", "Input method" : "powerCON in and thru", "Inrush" : "39A (first half-cycle) at 120V", "Fixtures per circuit" : "9 (20A switched circuit, R20 module or similar)", "Wattage (Typical/Standby)" : "133W/1.4W", "Current draw" : "1.11A at 120V" }, "Color" : { "Colors Used" : "Red, green, blue, indigo and lime", "Color temperature range" : "Variable", "Calibrated Array" : "Yes", "Red Shift" : "No" }, "Thermal" : { "Ambient operating temp" : "0-40° C (32-104° F)", "Fan (controllable)" : "No (N/A)", "Droop compensation" : "Yes", "dB range" : "18.5dBa average at 1m", "BTUs/hour" : "418" }, "Optical" : { "Beam angle range" : "N/A (asymmetrical)", "Gate size" : "N/A", "Aperture size" : "N/A", "Pattern projection" : "No", "Pattern size" : "N/A", "Camera flicker control/Hz" : "1,200 Hz (default) and 25,000 Hz (via RDM)", "range" : "", "Notes" : "The ColorSource CYC has a built in accessory for spill control" }, "Physical" : { "Materials" : "Die-cast aluminum and plastic", "Color options" : "Black, white, silver or custom color", "Mounting options" : "Yoke and floor", "IP rating" : "IP-20", "Weight" : "10.3 lbs (4.67 kg)", "Included accessories" : "Hanging yoke, power cable", "Notes" : "See accessories list for power cable options" }, "Control" : { "Input method" : "DMX-512 via 5-pin XLR or RJ45 connector", "Protocols" : "DMX", "Modes (Footprint) " : [ "5 channel- IRGBS (5)", "Direct- IRGBILS (7)", "1 channel- I (1)", "RGB- RGB (3)" ], "RDM configuration" : "Yes", "UI type" : "7-segment address display", "Local control" : "Yes", "Onboard presets" : "Yes (12)", "Onboard sequences" : "Yes (5)", "Onboard effects" : "No", "Fixture to fixture control" : "Yes", "Notes" : "Local level control via UI" } }

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Colorsource Cyc (ETC-CSCYC) Specifications

Colorsource Cyc (ETC-CSCYC) User Guide

Colorsource Cyc (ETC-CSCYC) Brochure

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