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ETC SmartPack SL620-W ETC Dimmer Pack (7021A1100) 6-channel

Wall mount dimmer pack, 6-channel, 2400-watt

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What's in the box:

  • ETC SmartPack SL620-W ETC Dimmer Pack
  • Wall mount dimmer pack, 6-channel, 2400-watt

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Simple to use dimming solution.

The ETC SmartPack SL620-W offers dimming for everyone! Featuring six 2400-watt dimmers, SmartPack Wall Mount is the simple-to-use dimming solution for small entertainment events, school and church productions, or road show applications. The convenient, low-maintenance unit can be installed directly, without any other parts, anywhere you have a free space. If you prefer to install SmartPack Wall-Mount into an existing equipment rack, ETC offers an optional rack-mount conversion kit with convenient mounting rails.

ETC SmartPack SL620-W Features:

  • Compact wall-mount unit
  • Easy-to-install connections
  • Built-in presets (32) and sequencer for stand-alone operation
  • Fully-rated all-magnetic circuit breakers
  • Capable of dimming multiple load types
  • DMX512A and RDM compatible
  • SmartLink enabled

Specifications for the ETC SmartPack SL620-W ETC Dimmer Pack

{ "General" : [ "The wall mount dimmer pack shall be the SmartPack Wall Mount or optionally the SmartPack ThruPower as manufactured by Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc., or equal. SmartPack packs shall be UL LISTED (UL FILE #E152039) and cUL Marked, and shall be so labeled when delivered. The pack shall also be UL Listed for UL924 Emergency Bypass control.", "The SmartPack dimmer pack shall consist of six 20A dimmers, twelve 10A dimmers or optionally with ThruPower including twelve 10A circuits with twelve dimmers and air gap relays. ", "Units with ThruPower shall provide three modes of operation: Dimmed, relay, and hot power (always on override)." ], "Mechanical" : [ "The pack shall be no more than 29" high by 17" wide and 6" deep. It shall be constructed of 16-gauge steel. All pack components shall be properly treated, primed and finished in fine-textured, scratch resistant paint. ", "The entire unit shall surface mount. Top, bottom, and side removable knockout panels shall facilitate conduit entry, with an internal pass-through plenum for side-by-side or top-to-bottom mounting. A lower front panel shall be easily removable as well for full front access to data connections. ", "Three position switches shall be made accessible at the front panel when unit is equipped with ThruPower such that a show technician can see the current mode of operation and have access to modify the mode without navigation of menus. Units that require multiple actions to change from dimming mode to relay mode or units that cannot use the same switch to immediately to lock on the relay to full sinusoidal output shall not be acceptable.", "Units equipped with ThruPower shall provide laser engraved labeling on the front cover with a number associating each switch with its breaker number and indicating the mode of the pack according to the position of the switch for each circuit." ], "Thermal" : [ "The pack shall be cooled by fan-forced airflow from bottom to top. A temperature- controlled, low noise fan shall maintain the temperature of all dimmers under full load provided the ambient temperature does not exceed 104?F (40?C). ", "The pack shall operate safely in an environment having an ambient temperature between 32°F (0°C) and 95°F (35?C), and humidity between 30-95% (non-condensing). ", "The pack shall have a 96% or better power efficiency, assuming full load with maximum dissipation. The efficiency calculation is based on 3% of connected load (Max. 3,100 BTUs)." ], "Electrical" : [ "The pack shall operate on either three phase, four wire + ground, 120/208V AC 60Hz, or single phase, three wire + ground, 120/240V AC 60Hz, at an amperage sufficient to power the rack (120 amps max). ", "The power feed terminations shall be designed for easy conversion from three-phase to single-phase power. ", "All line and neutral terminals shall accept up to 2 AWG wire. Standard output connections via DIN Rail tension clamp terminals shall be rated for up to 8AWG. ", "The control wiring shall land on a removable header for easy contractor installation. Removable terminals rated for a maximum of 12AWG wire shall also be provided for DMX512, SmartLink and a UL924-Listed Emergency Contact.", "The front panel shall include recessed semi-protected circuit breakers. The magnetic circuit breakers shall be fully rated to eliminate nuisance tripping.", "Units with ThruPower operating in relay or "ON" modes shall utilize a heavy duty HID and motor rated air gap relay in each output circuit to fully bypass dimming components including SCR's and toroidal filters. In "ON" mode, state of the controller shall be completely overridden allowing power to flow directly from the breaker to the output lug without access to turn off the circuit using remote control.", "Relays in units with ThruPower shall be rated at 5 million mechanical activations and 200,000 full load activations. Units that do not specify loading of their activation rating shall not be acceptable. Also units that do not meet or exceed rating of 200,000 full load activations shall not be acceptable." ], "Electronics" : { "The control panel on the pack shall have a power status LED indicator (Blue) and a DMX status LED indicator (Green). A 6 button menu-navigation keypad and a two line by 20 character backlit LCD shall be provided for system control, configuration, and control status." : "", "The pack shall receive DMX512 control protocol. Addressing shall be set via the 6-button keypad. Any dimmer may be patched to any DMX channel." : "", "The dimmers shall be SCR-based and shall be capable of dimming multiple load types including incandescent, low voltage, and 2-wire fluorescents. The dimmers shall consist of modular SCR and bonded heat sink assemblies with superior thermal transfer, surge and short circuit immunity. Dimmers employing triac power devices, pulse transformers, or other isolating devices not providing at least 2,500V RMS isolation, shall not be acceptable. " : "", "The dimmers shall contain high quality 200uS toroidal filters to reduce the rate of current rise time resulting from switching the SCRs. The filter shall limit objectionable harmonics, reduce lamp filament sing and limit radio frequency interference on line and load conductors. Rise time shall be measured at the worst-case slew rate (about 50 percent) from 10 to 90 percent of the output waveform with the dimmer operating at full load." : "", "2,500V of optical isolation shall be provided between the DMX512 inputs and the control electronics as well as between control and power components." : "", "The dimmers shall respond to control changes in less than 25 milliseconds. Dimmer outputs shall exhibit no oscillating or hunting for levels. Dimmers set to the same level shall output within ±1V of each other, regardless of phase or electronic module control. Each dimmer channel shall smoothly control loads from 10 watts to the rated load of the dimmer. DMX512 update speed shall be 40Hz. " : "", "The output curve for each dimmer shall be selectable from the following options" : [ "IES modified square law", "Linear", "Switched (50% threshold, non-regulated)", "Fluorescent with adjustable low- and high-end cut-off", "Adjustable Pre-Heat" ], "From the control panel, it shall be possible to record up to 32 presets. Presets shall be programmable by recording current dimmer levels (as set by DMX), by entering dimmer levels on the face panel directly, or a combination of both methods. Indication of an active preset shall be visible on the LCD display. " : "", "The presets may be recorded sequentially as a Sequence with programmable fade and hold times, which shall allow for stand-alone operation. Indication of an active sequence shall be visible on the LCD display. " : "", "A Standby / Control power switch shall be located on the front panel. It may be used to start up and shut down operation of the SmartPack. The unit shall always power-up in the last used mode and settings and shall be ready for use without user intervention. The Power-Up Behavior setting shall ensure the unit restores to its previous state (preset, sequence) when power is cycled." : "", "Pack setup shall be user programmable. The control panel shall provide the following setup features" : [ "Set Menu Mode – Normal or Advanced", "Set language – English, French, German and Spanish", "Adjust LCD Contrast", "DMX Start Address (Normal Mode) or DMX Patching (Advanced Mode)", "DMX Loss Behavior – Hold Last Look, Wait and Fade, Fade to Preset", "Select Dimmer Curves", "Fluorescent Start Voltage ", "Power-Up Behavior", "Restore Defaults " ] }, "Remote Station Support " : "The SmartLink network shall allow users to link packs together for synchronized sequence playback in stand-alone operation. By adding a Link Power Supply, the pack can support up to four stations. Users shall be able to remotely access the 32 presets and the sequence. Users shall also be able to record their presets using the stations and a console, without having to be at the packs' facepanel. " 13

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