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Lowell LBS8-R1 Speaker Tile Bridge

Speaker tile bridge for 8" speakers, 23.75" L x 16.5" W

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Adds strength and Twist'n'Lock convenience to installs.

Lowell tile bridge model LBS8-R1 is engineered to distribute the speaker assembly weight to the ceiling support system in a suspended 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' tile ceiling system. Tile bridges are often required, for safety reasons, by local building codes, and for aesthetics to reduce the potential of unsightly ceiling tile sag.

Lowell's tile bridge model LBS8-R1 may be used with or without a backbox, depending on local building codes and the speaker-grille combination being installed (torsion grilles require a backbox). Most installations, however, do utilize a backbox so Lowell incorporated a time saving backbox mounting feature.

The unique Twist'n'Lock™ feature provides hardware-free backbox mounting to speed system installation and reduce labor cost. The Twist'n'Lock™ feature includes four (4) formed tabs that align with four punched cut-outs in the lip of designated Lowell backboxes. To install, simply place the backbox on to the tile bridge, align cutouts with the tabs, push down and twist to lock in position; no screws or fastening hardware required.

Model LBS8-R1 is galvanized 22-gauge steel size 23.75"L x 15.5"W with multiple forms for strength, a round center opening size 8.5" dia., and wire-tie holes at each corner for seismic anchoring where required by code.

Specifications for the Lowell LBS8-R1

{ "Mounts Speaker" : "6"", "Outside Dimensions" : "23.75"L x 15.5"W", "Opening Size" : "10.75" dia." }

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