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Martin Audio CSX218B Subwoofer (CSX218B-F) with a maximum SPL capability of 144dB peak at 1 meter

2000-Watt, dual 18" units, integrated flying points, water resistant cones

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Martin Audio's CSX218 achieves the ultimate in subwoofer performance for the most prestigious CDD Series applications - delivering very high output levels and superb transient performance with minimal distortion. With an operating range of 35Hz-150Hz ± 3dB, it houses dual 18" long-excursion (460mm)/4" (100mm) voice coil drivers with water-resistant cones and triple roll surrounds. Each driver is rated to handle 1000 watts AES, and has a magnet structure and suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion.

The enclosure of the CSX218 is constructed from high-density MDF and coated with hard-wearing textured paint. Eight reflex ports provide a large frontal area to reduce turbulent air noise, and a perforated steel grille protects the drivers from damage with minimal obstruction of airflow


  • Dual-driver, direct-radiator subwoofer
  • 2 x 18" (460mm) drivers with 4" (100mm) voice coils
  • Water resistant cones
  • Very high output capability
  • Large ports for reduced air noise
  • Perforated steel grille
  • Black or white standard color options
  • Integrated flying points
  • Specifications for the Martin Audio CSX218B Subwoofer

    { "Type" : "Dual-driver direct radiating subwoofer", "Frequency Response" : "35 Hz - 150 Hz ±3 dB, -10 dB @ 30 Hz", "Drivers" : "Dual 18" (460 mm)/4" (100 mm) voice coils, long excursion, ferrite magnet, waterproof cone", "Rated Power" : "2000 W AES, 8000 W peak", "Recommended Amplifier" : "MA9.6K, MA12K", "Sensitivity" : "108 dB", "Maximum SPL" : "138 dB continuous, 144 dB peak (half space)", "Nominal Impedance" : "4 Ohms", "Dispersion (-6 dB)" : "Omnidirectional", "Crossover" : "80 Hz - 120 Hz active", "Enclosure" : "330 liter, high-density MDF", "Finish" : "Black textured paint", "Protective Grille" : "Black perforated steel", "Connectors" : "Low-profile 20 A push-lock", "Pin Connections" : "Left to right = Input +, Input -, Link -, Link +", "Fittings" : "Four pocket handles", "Dimensions" : "42.7" W x 20.9" H x 30.7" D (1085 x 530 x 780 mm)", "Weight" : "185 lbs (84 kg) " }

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