MediaSAFE Blank CD-R 52X 700MB Smart Guard Glossy White Inkjet Printable

52x - 700 Mb - Inkjet Smart Glossy White - 50 Count

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  • MediaSAFE FalconMedia's Blank CD-R 52X 700MB
  • 100 % lifetime warranty


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Best In Class Ink Absorption With Water Guard

MediaSAFE FALCONMEDIA's Blank CD-R 52X 700MB (MED-PWB80WG-50) is a smart glossy white inkjet printable CD-R that has a better glossy surface for delivering professional photographic quality and excellent black/white contrast. The ultra-smooth, white surface provides ultra-crisp, high fidelity printing for fine details and seamless color gradations. The high transparency of the FalconMedia inkjet coat layer maintains the color tones of the inkjet droplets. Other glossy inkjet coat is rather milky” which reduces the colors tones into a lighter shade. These CD-Rs are compatible with the majority of professional and consumer inkjet printers on the market.


  • Better Glossiness Surface Delivering Full Color, Glossy Photo Quality Printing
  • Excellent Color Whiteness
  • Consistent Printing Across The Full Surface Giving Excellent Uniformity
  • Long Lasting Print Surface
  • Wider Compatibility On All Standard Professional Inkjet Printers

Specifications for the MediaSAFE Blank CD-R 52X 700MB

{ "Recording Speed" : "52x", "Storage Capacity" : "700MB", "Recording Time" : "80min Audio", "Layer" : "Single", "Recording Type" : "Write-once", "Recording Layer" : "Organic Dye", "Time Code" : "TDK 97m15s05f - 79m59m74f", "Reflective layer/mask" : { "Silver / Wide 26" : "118mm", "Standard 34" : "118mm" }, "Hard Coat" : "N/A", "Estimated shelf life under office condition" : "50 Years" }

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Blank CD-R 52X 700MB (MED-PWB80WG-50) Specifications

Blank CD-R 52X 700MB (MED-PWB80WG-50) Brochure

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