RF Venue Diversity Fin® Multi-Purpose Antenna

For Dual Branch Diversity Reception - Reduces Dropouts - Uses A Cross-Polarized, Hybrid Design

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  • Diversity Fin®
  • 1-year Limited Warranty


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Performance, Convenience, Space, And Cost Benefits

RF Venue's Diversity Fin® (RF-DFINB) Multi-Purpose Antenna is designed to be used with wireless microphone systems and other UHF receivers incorporating dual branch diversity reception, and comprises orthogonal directional LPDA and bi-directional dipole elements in order to eliminate mulit-path fade. One element captures vertically polarized waves, and the other horizontally polarized waves—achieving optimal polarization diversity reception and improving signal constancy in indoor and reflective environments. Connect two receiver (or antenna distributor) branches to the Diversity Fin via coaxial cables (not supplied). The Diversity Fin has found widespread adoption across multiple pro audio segments for its performance, convenience, space, and cost benefits.


  • For Wireless Microphone Systems And Other UHF Receivers Incorporating Dual Branch Diversity Reception
  • Reduces Dropouts
  • Uses A Cross-Polarized, Hybrid Design
  • Used In High Profile Live Sound Events
  • 470–698 MHz Operating Frequency

In 2011, RF Venue began marketing a range of patented wireless products that fall into three categories: Antennas (transmitting and capturing signals), Distribution (moving those signals around), and Software (visualizing the RF spectrum using a combination of hardware and software). The company continues to develop a range of products within the commercial sound equipment industry to reduce signal dropouts and interference for all brands of wireless audio equipment.

Specifications for the RF Venue Diversity Fin®

{ "Electrical" : { "Operating frequency" : "470–698 MHz", "Bandwidth" : "228 MHz", "Average return loss" : "-9.4 dB", "Impedance" : "50Ω" }, "LPDA" : { "Beam width" : "140° azimuth", "F/B ratio" : "-8 dB", "F/S ratio" : "-5 dB", "Gain" : "5 dBd" }, "Dipole" : { "Beam width" : "100° azimuth", "F/B ratio" : "-5 dB", "F/S ratio" : "-13 dB", "Gain" : "1.8 dBd" }, "Physical" : { "Length" : "300mm", "Height" : "370mm", "Weight" : "454g", "Mount threads" : [ "1/4-20", "3/8-16", "5/8-27" ], "Operating temperature" : "-23°C–54°C", "Color" : "Black or white", "Connector(s)" : "(2) BNC female" } }

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Diversity Fin® (RF-DFINB) Specifications

Two Zone Distribution Scheme

The Diversity Fin Antenna and Polarization Diversity - Application Notes

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