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Rolls RM82 Eight balanced XLR microphone and eight 1/4" phone line inputs

8 Channel Mic/Line Mixer

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  • Rolls RM82 - 8 Channel Microphone and Line Mixer
  • 1-Year Warranty

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The Rolls RM82 is an eight channel mixer in a single rack space intended for a variety of sound reinforcement applications including board rooms, churches, mixing console expansion etc. Virtually any application where up to eight microphones need to be mixed together, and space is limited, is met by the RM82. Each of the eight channels has an XLR microphone input, as well as a 1/4" unbalanced input. The 1/4" jacks may be internally reconfigured to become channel Inserts or Direct Outputs. Inserts provide a way to get each individual channel signal in and out of the RM82 mainly for processing purposes. A Direct Output is simply taking the signal from the channel only. Each channel has individually switchable +48 VDC phantom power. The RCA Prefade (pre Master Level) Output may be connected to the RCA Aux Buss Input for cascading two RM82 units together. This Output may also be used for recording purposes, and the Aux Buss Input . The Main output for the RM82 is a balanced male XLR jack. This output may be internally jumpered for a Line or Mic level.

Rolls RM82 Features:

  • Eight XLR microphone inputs
  • Trim controls
  • Tone controls (treble/bass cut)
  • Individually switchable +48 VDC phantom power
  • Eight 1/4" unbalanced inputs, each may be internally jumpered to become an Insert or a Direct Output
  • RCA Prefader (pre Master Vol.) Output for recording, monitoring or cascading
  • RCA Aux Buss Input for cascading, or as a ninth unbalanced input
  • Mic or Line output level

Specifications for the Rolls RM82

{ "Total # Of Inputs" : "8", "Mic/Line Inputs" : { "8 Microphone" : "Balanced 3-pin XLR female", "8 Line" : "Unbalanced 1/4" phone" }, "Stereo Line Inputs" : "No", "In-Line Inputs/Returns" : "No", "AUX Sends" : "No", "AUX Returns" : "No", "Inserts" : "1/4" Phone inputs on channels 1 through 8 can be internally jumpered for use as inserts", "BUS (Group) Outputs" : "No", "2 Trk Master I/O" : [ "Single 3-pin XLR output ", "switched internally for balanced or unbalanced operation" ], "ALT I/O" : "L/R Stereo RCA phono (pre master fader)", "Monitor Outputs" : "No", "EQ Section" : { "Tone Control" : "chs 1 - 8 (12dB treble / bass cut)" }, "Solo/Mute" : "No", "Channel Level Control" : { "Rotary POTS" : "", "Mic" : "55dB max gain", "Line" : "26dB max gain" }, "Trim/Gain Control" : "No", "Phantom Power" : "+48 VDC", "Metering" : "None", "Frequency Response" : "Not Specified by Manufacturer", "Dynamic Range" : "Not Specified by Manufacturer", "Signal-to-Noise Ratio" : "106dB", "Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)" : "< .009%", "Power Supply" : "120 VAC 50/60 Hz 15VA", "Dimensions" : "19 x 1.75 x 6" (48.3 x 4.5 x 15cm)", "Weight" : "7 lbs (3 kg)" }

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