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Shure QLXD24/B87A, Handheld Wireless Microphone System, G Frequency

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The Shure QLXD24/B87A is a handheld wireless microphone system you can rely on. Perfect for mid-sized installations, QLX-D delivers outstanding wireless functionality with crystal-clear 24-bit digital audio. You can operate more channels in one location with QLX-D than any other wireless system in its class. It has networked channel scanning and a range of remote monitoring and control options, including control via iOS devices. The QLXD24/B87A is composed of the Beta87A handheld wireless microphone transmitter, QLXD4 digital wireless receiver, microphone clip, power supply, two AA batteries, battery contact cover, two 1/2 wave antennas, two BNC cables, two BNC bulkhead adapters, zipper bag, rackmount kit, and user guide. This version operates in the G frequency range (470 - 534 MHz).

Shure QLXD24/B87A System Features:

  • Components: Beta87A handheld transmitter, QLXD4 receiver, mic clip, power supply, AA batteries, battery contact cover, antennas, BNC cables, BNC bulkhead adapters, zip bag, rackmount kit, & user guide
  • Operates in G band (470-534 MHz)
  • 24-bit digital audio quality; clear, uninterrupted signal over entire operating range
  • 64 MHz tuning bandwidth on receiver (region dependent)
  • More than 60 preset compatible channels per frequency band (region dependent)
  • Up to 17 compatible systems per 6 MHz TV channel; 22 systems per 8 MHz channel
  • Digital predictive switching diversity to ensure solid RF connection
  • AES 256-bit encryption for secure wireless transmission
  • Up to 60 dB of adjustable audio gain
  • High-contrast LCD menu & controls with frequency & power lockout features
  • Audio & RF LED meters with peak indicator
  • Detachable 1/2 wave antennas
  • Mic / Line switchable XLR output; ¼” instrument output
  • Smooth transmitter frequency response with gradual presence rise
  • Approx. 10 hrs operation on Shure's SB900 Li-Ion rechargeable battery (sold separately)
  • Highly consistent supercardioid polar pattern with superior gain before feedback
  • Electronic low-frequency roll-off compensates for proximity effect
  • Wide dynamic range (117 dB) & low distortion characteristics
  • Very low susceptibility to RFI & electromagnetic hum
  • Advanced cartridge shock-mount system & built-in pop filter
  • Quick 1-button syncing with wireless receiver over IR
  • Over 120 dB of dynamic range, no transmitter gain adjustment needed
  • 1, 10 mW selectable RF output power
  • External charging contacts for docked charging
  • Selectable display mode showing group/channel, frequency, or battery runtime
  • Rugged metal construction
Specifications for the Shure QLXD24/B87A, Handheld Wireless Microphone System,
  • System Specifications:
    • RF Carrier Range: 470 937.5 MHz, varies by region
    • Working Range: 328 ft (100 m)
    • RF Tuning Step Size: 25 kHz, varies by region
    • Image Rejection: >70 dB, typical
    • RF Sensitivity: -97 dBm at 10^-5 BER
    • Audio Frequency Response: Dependent on microphone type
    • Audio Dynamic Range: > 120 dB, A-weighted, typical
    • Total Harmonic Distortion (-12 dBFS input, System Gain @ +10): < 0.1%
    • System Audio Polarity: Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 (with respect to pin 3 of XLR output) and the tip of the 1/4" (6.35 mm) output
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0°F to 122°F (-18°C to 50°C)
      • Note: Battery characteristics may limit this range
    • Storage Temperature Range: -20°F to 165°F (-29°C to 74°C)
    • Note: Battery characteristics may limit this range
  • QLXD4 Receiver:
    • RF Input:
      • Spurious Rejection: > 80 dB, typical
      • Connector Type: BNC
      • Impedance: 50 Ohms
    • Audio Output:
      • Gain Ajdustment Range: -18 dB to +42 dB in 1 dB steps
      • Configuration:
        • 1/4" (6.35 mm): Impedance balanced (tip=audio, ring=no audio, sleeve=ground)
        • XLR: Balanced (1=ground, 2=audio +, 3=audio -)
      • Impedance:
        • 1/4": +12 dBV
        • XLR:
          • Line Setting: +18 dBV
          • Mic Setting: -12 dBV
      • Mic/Line Switch: 30 dB pad
      • Phantom Power Protection:
        • 1/4": Yes
        • XLR: Yes
    • Networking:
      • Network Interface: Single port Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
      • Network Addressing Capability: DHCP or Manual IP address
      • Maximum Ethernet Cable Length: 328 ft (100 m)
    • Dimensions: 1.63" H x 7.75" W x 5.94" D (41 x 197 x 151 mm)
    • Weight: 1.71 lbs (777 g) without antennas
    • Housing: Steel
    • Power Requirements: 12 V DC @ 0.4 A, supplied by external power supply (tip positive)
  • QLXD2 Handheld Transmitter:
    • Mic Offset Range: 0 to 21 dB (in 3 dB steps)
    • Battery Type: Shure SB900 rechargeable li-ion or AA batteries 1.5 V
    • Battery Runtime @ 10 mW:
      • Shure SB900: Up to 10 hours
      • Alkaline: Up to 9 hours
    • Dimensions: 10.1" L x 2.0" Dia. (256 x 51 mm)
    • Weight: 12.2 oz (347 g) without batteries
    • Housing: Cast aluminum
    • Audio Input:
      • Configuration: Unbalanced
      • Maximum Input Level (1 kHz at 1% THD): 145 dB SPL, typical
    • RF Output:
      • Antenna Type: Integrated single band helical
      • Occipied Bandwidth: < 200 kHz
      • X52, X53, X54 Occupied Bandwidth: 600 kHz
      • Modulation Type: Shure proprietary digital
      • Power: 1 mW or 10 mW
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