Solid State Logic SSL Live. L200 (72A022400) Digital Mixing Console

17” Multi-touch Screen - Up to 600 Inputs and 600 Outputs - 144 Mix Paths at 96kHz

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  • Solid State Logic's SSL Live. L200 (SSL-72A022400)


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New high performance mid scale console

Solid State Logic's SSL Live. L200 (SSL-72A022400) is a mid scale digital mixing console that are designed to help highly skilled operators deliver outstanding live sonic quality. The L200 has Solid State Logic's dedication to great sound characterised by transparency, definition, and detail. Characterized by simple ergonomics, the open architecture lets engineers configure the console layout to suit their needs.


  • 17” multi-touch screen
  • Up to 600 inputs and 600 outputs
  • 144 mix paths at 96kHz
  • Patented mic amp technology to deliver SSL SuperAnalogue™ performance
  • Incredibly flexible Graphic EQ filters

Solid State Logic invents, designs and manufactures technology for the creative manipulation of sound. They are world renown for manufacturing groundbreaking analogue and digital audio consoles, universally recognized for unrivalled sonic quality. SSL is characterised both by its substantial Research and Development resource and a global commitment to customer support and service.

The SSL Live mixing console presents a truly superb user interface that can work the way you work today and introduces a collection of powerful new features that could change the way you work tomorrow. It has more sheer power and connectivity than anything else available at its price and, of course, as you would expect from any audio console that bears the SSL name, it sounds incredible.

Duke DeJong Duke DeJong
Vice President, Sales and Integration
CCI Solutions
I've spent time on most of the digital audio consoles out there but the SSL Live is truly one of the most impressive desks I've had my hands on. The flexibility and power of this console is only surpassed by the amazing sound quality that SSL brings. We couldn't be more excited to help bring the legendary SSL quality to live sound.
No Compromise
SSL has always set the audio performance benchmark for others to reach and sound quality is the primary design consideration of the SSL Live. Nothing is sacrificed so that the ultimate sonic performance can be delivered. The Live local I/O and Stageboxes deliver SSL SuperAnalogue performance with better than industry standard studio grade mic pre's combined with 24bit/96kHz DAC's to deliver a frequency response that is within 0.05 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (within1.3dB down to 10Hz) and a THD of 0.005%. 64-bit internal processing is used throughout, guaranteeing maximum precision to support the highest standards of audio performance within all processors.
Sideview closeup of the Solid State Logic SSL Console Absolute Power and Ultimate Flexibility

The processing power allocation and I/O architecture of the Live is extremely flexible. The console can have up to 976 physical inputs and outputs. There is a selection of local I/O and Stageboxes for remote I/O. Effects have their own dedicated processing which is dynamically allocated. The rest of Live's power is also allocated according to configuration. There are 192 simultaneous mix paths at 96kHz. These can be assigned as Channels, Stem Groups, Auxes and Masters to suit demands and configured as mono, stereo or LCR with either full processing or dry as required. 144 of the mix paths are full processing paths and 48 mix paths are dry. A mono channel will use one path, a stereo two, and an LCR consumes three. Output routing to the PA system is handled by a discrete 32 x 36 Output Matrix which can be fed from Channels, Stem Groups, Auxes and Masters.

Close-up photo of the SSL consoles channels and stem groups controller Channels and Stem Groups

Channels have their own dedicated processing power and can be full with complete processing or dry and consume less processing power. Full channels have hi and lo-pass filters, four-band parametric EQ which carries the legendary SSL tonal character (switchable between Legacy or constant Q), compressor with a new tube 'warmth' effect, expander/gate, delay, panning and all pass filter. There are two insert points. The Channel setup panel in the touch screen makes configuration and routing fast and intuitive.

The SSL Live introduces a new type of signal path not found on other live consoles which they call the Stem Group. It functions in a similar way to a traditional subgroup, but is, in essence, a fully featured input channel without the mic/line input stage. It features all of the processing and routing functionality of a Channel. Unlike a traditional subgroup, full and dry Stem Groups can be routed to another Stem Group to create a highly flexible and easy to manage mixing environment.

Close-up photo of a finger pointing and using the SSL console's touch screen Take Control

The key to a great control surface is a clear view of everything in your audio environment and finding exactly the control you need at your fingertips when you need it. With the Live, SSL's obsession with ergonomics and workflow has delivered an intelligent, elegant and comfortable layout. All of the most commonly used functions are carefully arranged so that they sit within reach where your hands naturally fall on the console. There is a wealth of visual feedback with carefully considered use of colour change technology that will not fatigue the user during long periods of operation. The Live control surface delivers a genuinely intuitive combination of gestural touch screen & hardware control and a whole collection of innovative features designed to streamline workflow.

Close-up photo of a man's hand using the multi-gesture featured on the SSL Console touch screen Multi Gesture Touch Screen

Touch screen technology is nothing new but SSL Live's main display is the first true multi-touch screen with tablet style control to be offered in a live sound console. It is also the brightest available and is able to deliver pin-sharp daylight viewable detail. The beautifully designed graphical user interface provides comprehensive control of the entire console environment. It makes setting up channels with routing, Mute Groups, VCA's and Auxes intuitive and extremely quick. When it comes to assigning and editing EQ, Dynamics and Effects it has no rivals for clarity of information, ease of operation, and it's a lot more fun.

Specifications for the Solid State Logic SSL Live. L200

{ "Paths" : "144 (all full)", "Fader Tiles" : "Three (36 +2 faders)", "Matrix" : "4 x 32 inputs / 24 outputs", "VCA's" : "24", "FX Slots" : "48", "FX types" : "45+", "Sample rate" : "96 kHz or 48kHz", "Local analogue I/O" : "12 mic/line, 2 TB, 3.5mm input, 12 line out , 2x headphone", "Local AES/EBU I/O" : "4 pairs (with SRC)", "MADI ports (coax/optical)" : "8 (4 redundant pairs)", "MADI FX loop" : "Optical in/out x 1", "Blacklight II" : "Optional redundant pair", "X-Light" : "Optional redundant pair", "Local Dante" : "Optional 32x32 redundant pair", "Maximum I/O" : "up to 600 in /out", "Channel Control Tile" : "Not Available", "Main touch-screen" : "17” 600 Nits", "Power Supply" : "Two redundant as standard", "Width" : "1370mm (54”)", "Weight" : "85Kg (187lbs)" }

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SSL Live. L200 (SSL-72A022400) Brochure

SSL Live. L200 (SSL-72A022400) User Guide

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