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Zoom XYH-6 

X/Y Microphone Capsule for Zoom H5 and H6

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Zoom XYH-6 Features:

  • Interchangeable in H5 & H6 modular recorder systems
  • 2 matched unidirectional mic elements included (X/Y pattern, adjustable 90°-120° for cardioid pickup pattern)
  • Helpful in wide range of applications

The Zoom XYH-6 X/Y microphone capsule for Zoom H5 and H6 field recorders is an interchangeable component in Zoom's H5 and H6 modular recorder systems. The capsule features two matched unidirectional microphone elements positioned in an X/Y pattern with an adjustable angle of 90 to 120 degrees. This arrangement enables the recorder to pick up sounds in a cardioid polar pattern. It is predominately sensitive to sounds directly in front of the recorder and less sensitive to sounds on the side or to the rear of the device. The XY pattern allows recordings played back in mono to have a fuller sound than would normally be possible from a single microphone element. The unit can be used for a wide range of applications, including studio, live performance, rehearsals, and TV broadcasts, among others.

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