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Insights and Innovations from InfoComm 2024


We’re Back and Stronger Than Ever!

InfoComm 2024 marked a significant milestone in the post-COVID era, with this being the most well-attended trade show we've experienced since the pandemic. While unsure of the exact attendance numbers, it was clear that the enthusiasm for trade shows is back in full swing.

The event not only showcased the latest releases in professional audio and video products but also offered a comprehensive education program with daily courses. However, one notable trend was the frequent use of the “AI” buzzword by many vendors. Despite their claims, we often felt that their offerings didn’t genuinely embody artificial intelligence.

Innovation was everywhere, with many new products and solutions from both well-known and emerging brands. Transparent LED displays, for example, are becoming more common, though their application in the church world remains to be seen.

Reconnecting with our long-standing partners and re-establishing relationships with past ones was a highlight. We also observed a growing adoption of SMPTE 2110 video over IP. However, its requirement for high-bandwidth infrastructure makes it a costly investment.

Motion tracking technology has now permeated mid-level PTZ cameras and is starting to appear in entry-level models, although the quality varies.

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How to Elevate Your Livestream Audio and Deliver An Engaging Experience for Your Congregation Wherever They Are


In the digital age, livestreaming has evolved from a novel concept to an essential channel for churches. The pandemic accelerated this transformation, turning what was once an optional extra into a crucial part of any church’s function in reaching your congregation - wherever they are - and delivering a similarly impactful message and engaging experience. Today, both current and potential members of a church have high expectations for livestream quality, especially when it comes to audio. Where audiences may forgive poor lighting or video quality, they will swiftly check out if the sound is poor.

If you haven’t upgraded the audio of your livestream yet, you might want to consider it as your next project. By maintaining a high quality livestream, you can ensure that you’re connecting to your congregation no matter where they are geographically.

Wherever you are in your livestream journey, there are best practices that can help. Below, we discuss the five different levels from basic fixes to professional upgrades to help you improve your livestream’s audio quality and deliver your message, without distractions.

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