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A Guide to Wireless Microphone Systems for Churches

Various wireless recording devices on a yellow background with “WIRELESS SYSTEMS” written in bold white font.

Explore Different Types of Wireless Systems for Churches 

In this post, we'll shed light on the different types of wireless microphone systems available and what to consider when choosing the right one for your church. See how we can help your church, whether that’s nearby in Spokane or anywhere in the country. 

There are lots of brands and types of wireless microphones in the market. Selecting the right system for your room and channel count can make or break the event. When wireless mics drop out, sound harsh, or sound like “static,” it’s disruptive and takes away from the message. 

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Illuminating Worship: LED Video Walls for Church Services

A church service with an LED video wall on the stage displaying song lyrics.

Engage with Everyone in the Congregation—Even in the Back Row 

When one thinks of a church service, traditional imagery of stained glass windows and solemn hymns might come to mind. However, many contemporary churches in Spokane and across the country are embracing new technologies to connect with their congregation. One such advancement making waves in houses of worship is the LED video wall

Why is an LED video wall advantageous to churches and houses of worship? Find out below. 

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