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Rigging Church AV? Trust the Professionals for Safety’s Sake

A modern church with a projector and speakers mounted on the ceiling and purple stage lights.

Mounting & Rigging—It’s Not as Simple as It Seems  

Where does safety rank in your church’s AV production planning? Church AV systems aren’t just about achieving great sound and visuals (although that’s important, too.) But how do you safely mount heavy, expensive speakers, lights, and video displays on the walls and ceilings?

If your church is planning for large-scale set design, you need to trust experienced and licensed church AV installers with the actual mounting and rigging process. Even if your church production department is very knowledgeable about AV and has seen it installed before, rigging is highly technical and requires expertise to do it right. If done wrong, you could be facing a major safety hazard. 

Does your AV staff really know how to rig an AV system? Learn about the risks and requirements and why you should trust church AV installers like CCI Solutions, your destination for church AV in Seattle, WA, and nationwide. 

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