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Rigging Church AV? Trust the Professionals for Safety’s Sake

A modern church with a projector and speakers mounted on the ceiling and purple stage lights.

Mounting & Rigging—It’s Not as Simple as It Seems  

Where does safety rank in your church’s AV production planning? Church AV systems aren’t just about achieving great sound and visuals (although that’s important, too.) But how do you safely mount heavy, expensive speakers, lights, and video displays on the walls and ceilings?

If your church is planning for large-scale set design, you need to trust experienced and licensed church AV installers with the actual mounting and rigging process. Even if your church production department is very knowledgeable about AV and has seen it installed before, rigging is highly technical and requires expertise to do it right. If done wrong, you could be facing a major safety hazard. 

Does your AV staff really know how to rig an AV system? Learn about the risks and requirements and why you should trust church AV installers like CCI Solutions, your destination for church AV in Seattle, WA, and nationwide. 

5 Keys to Getting Great Sound from Choir Microphones

People singing into wireless microphones on the stage in a contemporary church.

Hear Your Seattle Church Choir Loud & Clear 

If you ask any church sound engineer what one thing they hate dealing with the most, there's a pretty good chance they will say getting a good choir sound causes them the most trouble. In fact, it's not just the sound guys who get frustrated with a choir. I know plenty of worship leaders in Seattle who struggle with having a choir as well. Not only is getting great sound from choir microphones tricky, but leading, organizing, and rehearsing that big of a group is a lot of work. 

So why do we all put ourselves through the "hassle" of a choir? Because when done right, not only are you giving a larger percentage of your church the opportunity to lead people in an expression of worship, but when it's done well it can seriously enhance your worship service. Having an extra 20-100 people on stage, worshiping God with all their hearts and providing a huge vocal presence can really be an incredible, engaging boost to your worship times. 

But how do we get there? Well, here are five keys we’ve found to getting a good sound from your choir microphones. 


A Guide to Wireless Microphone Systems for Churches

Various wireless recording devices on a yellow background with “WIRELESS SYSTEMS” written in bold white font.

Explore Different Types of Wireless Systems for Churches 

In this post, we'll shed light on the different types of wireless microphone systems available and what to consider when choosing the right one for your church. See how we can help your church, whether that’s nearby in Spokane or anywhere in the country. 

There are lots of brands and types of wireless microphones in the market. Selecting the right system for your room and channel count can make or break the event. When wireless mics drop out, sound harsh, or sound like “static,” it’s disruptive and takes away from the message. 

Overcoming the Challenges of Church Video Production

A church video production room with controllers and video monitors.

How to Record & Share Church Services with Ease 

At first thought, recording church services may seem like a simple task. You just need a camera and some wires to connect to a computer, right? 

But any tech director or pastor who’s assembled (or attempted) a video system knows how complex it can be. Church video production involves many moving parts, from camera focal lengths to input and output controls. To broadcast video on large displays or stream online, you need the right hardware, software, and controls to make it easy. 

At CCI Solutions, we bring integrated solutions to churches across the country. Our video production systems are user-friendly for all, so even once-a-week volunteers can navigate the system. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be able to confidently record video, stream, and make changes in real time. 

Here’s how we can set your church up for success with a complete video production system. 

The Art of Superior Visuals: Decoding LED Video Wall Options

Two Absen video walls showcase images of stained glass windows on either side of the podium.

The Key Factors That Differentiate LED Video Walls

Lights, camera, action! LED Video walls have become essential in various industries, revolutionizing how information is displayed and communicated. From command-and-control centers to churches and digital signage applications, the impact of video walls cannot be overstated in our commercial projects in Spokane, WA, and across the country. However, there is a common misconception that all video walls are the same. This blog post aims to debunk this myth and shed light on the significant differences and key considerations that set video walls apart. 

3 Essentials of Auditorium Speaker Systems

Closeup shot of auditorium speakers hanging from the ceiling.

The Art of Speaker Installations for Auditoriums 

When presented with the task of fixing issues pertaining to an auditorium's sound system, it is frequently observed that the speaker placement is not optimal for the room. This is exemplified by instances where speakers are incorrectly oriented, resulting in uneven coverage. Consequently, you are left with front rows that are too loud and back rows that are struggling to hear.

This is where our expertise comes into play—offering both the right speaker technology and a meticulously crafted design to ensure uniform sound dispersion across every single seat. Whether it's a theater, stadium, educational institution, or a church, if you find yourself in need of a new auditorium speaker system, entrusting the task to an audio-video specialist boasting extensive years of hands-on experience is the best choice.

Here’s what to expect for your new auditorium speaker system in Spokane, WA, or across the country. 


Illuminating Worship: LED Video Walls for Church Services

A church service with an LED video wall on the stage displaying song lyrics.

Engage with Everyone in the Congregation—Even in the Back Row 

When one thinks of a church service, traditional imagery of stained glass windows and solemn hymns might come to mind. However, many contemporary churches in Spokane and across the country are embracing new technologies to connect with their congregation. One such advancement making waves in houses of worship is the LED video wall

Why is an LED video wall advantageous to churches and houses of worship? Find out below. 

Let There Be Light: Dynamic Lighting for Churches

A bright, spacious church illuminated by sanctuary lighting and large windows.

Lighting Fixtures & DMX Control Systems for Houses of Worship

Churches can be tricky to illuminate due to their wide rooms, high ceilings, and need for flexible and controllable lighting. During an event, a house of worship should not be overly bright like a retail store, but shouldn’t be so dim that people can’t read the text in their hands. A church’s lighting should also be a source of inspiration and contemplation, where people can reflect on life and feel connected to others. 

Whether a church was built in the 1800s or this year, all churches need a pleasant atmosphere and a flexible and controllable lighting system. Recently, churches are replacing incandescent bulb-based house light fixtures with white or full-color, RGB, LED house lights. This creates an immersive experience and saves money on bulbs and lowers the electrical bill. LEDs that enhance musical performances, while more traditional churches may want a brighter way to illuminate historic fixtures.  

No matter your style, you need to work with a professional that understands church sanctuary lighting and its unique needs. Here’s how a church lighting expert can help your parish in the Spokane, WA, area. 

Eliminate Unwanted Reverberation for Live Sound in a Church Setting

A modern church with acoustic treatment panels on the wall.

Perhaps It's Not a Problem with the PA System—You May Need to Fix the Room 

Does your room have an acoustic problem? When the band plays and people speak, does the sound reverberate off walls, making it difficult to understand the spoken word or the band? 

High church ceilings are lovely for choral music and organs but make understanding other speech or instruments difficult. In a church, every seat should offer every person a consistent natural sound. If seats in the front are louder while others in the back can hardly hear, people may feel disconnected or distracted.

While you may be concerned that your speakers or audio system are faulty, the issue with the acoustics and lack of clarity is most likely due to the challenging acoustics of the space. Factors such as ceiling height, hard surfaces, and wall and floor materials can all contribute to this problem. Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution that can permanently resolve this issue. Here’s how acoustic treatment panels work and can help your church in Spokane, WA, and surrounding areas.

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