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Overcoming the Challenges of Church Video Production

A church video production room with controllers and video monitors.

How to Record & Share Church Services with Ease 

At first thought, recording church services may seem like a simple task. You just need a camera and some wires to connect to a computer, right? 

But any tech director or pastor who’s assembled (or attempted) a video system knows how complex it can be. Church video production involves many moving parts, from camera focal lengths to input and output controls. To broadcast video on large displays or stream online, you need the right hardware, software, and controls to make it easy. 

At CCI Solutions, we bring integrated solutions to churches across the country. Our video production systems are user-friendly for all, so even once-a-week volunteers can navigate the system. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be able to confidently record video, stream, and make changes in real time. 

Here’s how we can set your church up for success with a complete video production system. 

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Can Your Video Production System Do This? 

Before buying or installing anything, you want to make sure you plan for all your church’s video needs. A complete video production system should be able to do the following: 

  • Live Streaming: The ability to broadcast services in real-time to video displays or an online audience watching from home. 
  • Video Recording: Capability to record services, sermons, and events for archival purposes, distribution, or later viewing.
  • Multi-Camera Support: The ability to use multiple cameras to capture different angles and perspectives. 
  • Audio Recording: High-quality audio capture and processing that’s synced to audio without delay. 
  • Lighting: Proper lighting equipment and control to ensure a well-lit and visually appealing video.
  • Switching and Mixing: A video switcher or mixer to switch between multiple camera feeds, overlays, and graphics during live broadcasts.
  • Graphics and Text Overlays: Capability to add lower thirds, lyrics, announcements, and other graphics to the video feed.

Components You’ll Need 

There are a lot of pieces to the video production puzzle. Most systems will include the following technology: 

  • PTZ Cameras: Pan-tilt-zoom cameras can be adjusted to change viewing angles. While you can manually adjust cameras with a controller, auto-tracking cameras are evolving and becoming more available.  
  • Camera Mounts and Tripods: Sturdy mounts and tripods are essential to ensure stable camera placement and smooth shots.
  • Microphones: High-quality microphones are crucial for clear audio capture. Consider options such as headset microphones and wireless microphones for pastors and speakers.
  • Loudspeakers: Accurate, natural-sounding speakers strategically positioned so that every seat can hear loud and clear.
  • Cabling: High-quality cables, connectors, and adapters to interconnect cameras, microphones, mixers, and other equipment.
  • Audio-Video Switcher/Mixer: Allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple camera feeds and other video sources during live broadcasts.
  • Audio and Video Processors: Devices for enhancing audio and video quality.
  • Streaming and Recording Software: Software for encoding, streaming, and recording video content.
  • Storage and Backup: Sufficient cloud or physical storage for recording and archiving videos, along with a backup system to prevent data loss.
  • Post-Production Tools: Video editing software for post-production tasks like editing, adding effects, and creating highlight reels.

When your church partners with CCI Solutions, we source and assemble all equipment for you. Once designed, our video production systems are simple to operate within an intuitive interface.


Set up is the difficult part—let us handle that for you. Contact CCI Solutions for church AV services, available to churches nationwide. We look forward to working with you!

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