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How to Elevate Your Livestream Audio and Deliver An Engaging Experience for Your Congregation Wherever They Are


In the digital age, livestreaming has evolved from a novel concept to an essential channel for churches. The pandemic accelerated this transformation, turning what was once an optional extra into a crucial part of any church’s function in reaching your congregation - wherever they are - and delivering a similarly impactful message and engaging experience. Today, both current and potential members of a church have high expectations for livestream quality, especially when it comes to audio. Where audiences may forgive poor lighting or video quality, they will swiftly check out if the sound is poor.

If you haven’t upgraded the audio of your livestream yet, you might want to consider it as your next project. By maintaining a high quality livestream, you can ensure that you’re connecting to your congregation no matter where they are geographically.

Wherever you are in your livestream journey, there are best practices that can help. Below, we discuss the five different levels from basic fixes to professional upgrades to help you improve your livestream’s audio quality and deliver your message, without distractions.

5 Ways to Make your Church Audiovisual Systems Volunteer-Ready


Audiovisual (AV) systems, from sound setups to projectors and lighting, are crucial for enhancing both the worship experience and the engagement of every member of your congregation. But the real success of any church event hinges on the smooth operation of that AV system.

Investing in a new AV system might seem like a significant step towards creating more engaging experiences and connecting with your congregation on a deeper level. Yet, the effectiveness of this technology is ultimately determined by the capability of the people managing it. This is why ensuring that your staff or volunteers are adequately prepared and trained to use the system is paramount.

Rather than pouring resources into complex technology, focus on making your church AV systems volunteer-friendly. Here are five ways to equip your volunteers for success and elevate the worship experience at your church.

Rigging Church AV? Trust the Professionals for Safety’s Sake

A modern church with a projector and speakers mounted on the ceiling and purple stage lights.

Mounting & Rigging—It’s Not as Simple as It Seems  

Where does safety rank in your church’s AV production planning? Church AV systems aren’t just about achieving great sound and visuals (although that’s important, too.) But how do you safely mount heavy, expensive speakers, lights, and video displays on the walls and ceilings?

If your church is planning for large-scale set design, you need to trust experienced and licensed church AV installers with the actual mounting and rigging process. Even if your church production department is very knowledgeable about AV and has seen it installed before, rigging is highly technical and requires expertise to do it right. If done wrong, you could be facing a major safety hazard. 

Does your AV staff really know how to rig an AV system? Learn about the risks and requirements and why you should trust church AV installers like CCI Solutions, your destination for church AV in Seattle, WA, and nationwide. 

5 Keys to Getting Great Sound from Choir Microphones

People singing into wireless microphones on the stage in a contemporary church.

Hear Your Seattle Church Choir Loud & Clear 

If you ask any church sound engineer what one thing they hate dealing with the most, there's a pretty good chance they will say getting a good choir sound causes them the most trouble. In fact, it's not just the sound guys who get frustrated with a choir. I know plenty of worship leaders in Seattle who struggle with having a choir as well. Not only is getting great sound from choir microphones tricky, but leading, organizing, and rehearsing that big of a group is a lot of work. 

So why do we all put ourselves through the "hassle" of a choir? Because when done right, not only are you giving a larger percentage of your church the opportunity to lead people in an expression of worship, but when it's done well it can seriously enhance your worship service. Having an extra 20-100 people on stage, worshiping God with all their hearts and providing a huge vocal presence can really be an incredible, engaging boost to your worship times. 

But how do we get there? Well, here are five keys we’ve found to getting a good sound from your choir microphones. 


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