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Insights and Innovations from InfoComm 2024


We’re Back and Stronger Than Ever!

InfoComm 2024 marked a significant milestone in the post-COVID era, with this being the most well-attended trade show we've experienced since the pandemic. While unsure of the exact attendance numbers, it was clear that the enthusiasm for trade shows is back in full swing.

The event not only showcased the latest releases in professional audio and video products but also offered a comprehensive education program with daily courses. However, one notable trend was the frequent use of the “AI” buzzword by many vendors. Despite their claims, we often felt that their offerings didn’t genuinely embody artificial intelligence.

Innovation was everywhere, with many new products and solutions from both well-known and emerging brands. Transparent LED displays, for example, are becoming more common, though their application in the church world remains to be seen.

Reconnecting with our long-standing partners and re-establishing relationships with past ones was a highlight. We also observed a growing adoption of SMPTE 2110 video over IP. However, its requirement for high-bandwidth infrastructure makes it a costly investment.

Motion tracking technology has now permeated mid-level PTZ cameras and is starting to appear in entry-level models, although the quality varies.

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5 Things to Look for When Choosing an AVL Integrator for Your Church


Selecting the right AVL (audio, visual, and lighting) integrator for your church goes beyond merely enhancing technical capabilities; it's about finding a partner who truly understands and aligns with the heart and soul of your worship community. This decision can profoundly impact how your congregation connects, communicates, and engages during worship services. An integrator that meshes well with your church’s mission can transform your worship experiences, making them more immersive and meaningful. This is why it’s crucial to choose a partner not only for their technical expertise, but for their ability to integrate their solutions into the fabric of your church’s operations and aspirations. This partner should be someone who respects your church’s culture, upholds its values, and seeks to enhance the communal spirit through thoughtful and effective AVL solutions.

In this journey, you’re not just looking for an AVL vendor, but for a relationship that will grow and evolve with your church. The right integrator will listen deeply, propose solutions that resonate with your specific goals, and adjust their approach based on your feedback and evolving needs. Their expertise in AVL technology becomes a tool for fulfilling your church’s vision, enhancing every sermon and song, and deepening the connection between your leadership and the congregation. As such, this selection process is as much about finding a technological match as it is about securing a collaborative partner who will walk alongside your church in its mission to inspire and connect.


1. Emphasize Experience in Similar Settings 

When searching for an AVL integrator, the importance of relevant experience cannot be overstated. An integrator that has worked with churches that share similar characteristics to yours will likely have a deeper understanding of your specific needs. This experience means they can anticipate common challenges and provide solutions that have proven effective in similar environments. Ask potential integrators for case studies or references from previous projects to gauge their familiarity and success in environments like yours.

In addition to technical skills, it’s important that the integrator grasps the spiritual and communal objectives of your setting. A good integrator should be someone who respects the ethos of your worship and seeks to enhance it through technology. They should demonstrate how their projects have supported the mission of other churches, helping to facilitate worship that resonates with congregational expectations and enhances spiritual engagement.

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What We Learned at FILO 2024


Church technology professionals inspire us.  Many churches are working so hard to create engaging worship experiences; and it is a major motivation for us and an honor to serve Churches across the US.


Coming Up for Air at FILO

Many Church tech professionals are going it alone because of demanding schedules, lean staff, and strained resources. We could see the ‘coming up for air’ at FILO, and we are grateful for FILO’s role each year in making that possible and supporting the production tribe. At the same time, we encourage churches to carve time to connect with other churches in your area; reach out when resources are strained; and build a relationship with an AVL Integrator who can work ‘on it’ while your team is busy working ‘in it.’ These things can be the difference!


We Are a People Business First!  

We talked with over a hundred churches, and remain convinced that as you decide your tech journey; there is enormous value in consulting church tech peers who have been where you are, and who can encourage you in your journey. Pick up the phone, send an email, and you will be met halfway by others who get it and get you. As an integrator, one of our favorite things is connecting churches with each other, and then seeing relationships flourish. We are ALL in the people business. Let’s keep the spirit of the FILO community alive this year in our communities. Take the first step, and see what God does!

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Empower your Team to Enhance your Tech & Amplify your Message


One of the most empowering insights for audiovisual (AVL) church integrators is understanding that technology alone cannot solve all problems. Church leadership, eager to boost engagement and amplify their message, might see technology as a “silver bullet” solution, hoping that an upgraded AVL system alone will get them where they want to be.

However, the reality is more nuanced. While technology can certainly enhance a worship experience, the true transformation comes from the people operating the systems. As AVL systems grow more sophisticated, recognizing the interconnected roles of technology and people becomes essential.


Understand the Root of Your Challenges

When seeking to enhance engagement, church leaders often receive abundant advice from various sources about gadgets and equipment. Common issues include sound quality problems and challenges in managing live and online audiences. Often, these problems are mistakenly attributed to the current AVL system or individual pieces of equipment.

At the heart of many issues can be a lack of clear direction and communication. The individual(s) setting expectations for a worship experience may sometimes overlook the technical complexities involved, leading to unrealistic expectations and subsequent uncertainty. This misalignment can lead to uncertainty and misunderstanding, where technical problems are perceived as interpersonal issues and vice versa.

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Rigging Church AV? Trust the Professionals for Safety’s Sake

A modern church with a projector and speakers mounted on the ceiling and purple stage lights.

Mounting & Rigging—It’s Not as Simple as It Seems  

Where does safety rank in your church’s AV production planning? Church AV systems aren’t just about achieving great sound and visuals (although that’s important, too.) But how do you safely mount heavy, expensive speakers, lights, and video displays on the walls and ceilings?

If your church is planning for large-scale set design, you need to trust experienced and licensed church AV installers with the actual mounting and rigging process. Even if your church production department is very knowledgeable about AV and has seen it installed before, rigging is highly technical and requires expertise to do it right. If done wrong, you could be facing a major safety hazard. 

Does your AV staff really know how to rig an AV system? Learn about the risks and requirements and why you should trust church AV installers like CCI Solutions, your destination for church AV in Seattle, WA, and nationwide. 

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