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3 Essentials of Auditorium Speaker Systems

Closeup shot of auditorium speakers hanging from the ceiling.

The Art of Speaker Installations for Auditoriums 

When presented with the task of fixing issues pertaining to an auditorium's sound system, it is frequently observed that the speaker placement is not optimal for the room. This is exemplified by instances where speakers are incorrectly oriented, resulting in uneven coverage. Consequently, you are left with front rows that are too loud and back rows that are struggling to hear.

This is where our expertise comes into play—offering both the right speaker technology and a meticulously crafted design to ensure uniform sound dispersion across every single seat. Whether it's a theater, stadium, educational institution, or a church, if you find yourself in need of a new auditorium speaker system, entrusting the task to an audio-video specialist boasting extensive years of hands-on experience is the best choice.

Here’s what to expect for your new auditorium speaker system in Spokane, WA, or across the country. 

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