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5 Keys to Getting Great Sound from Choir Microphones

People singing into wireless microphones on the stage in a contemporary church.

Hear Your Seattle Church Choir Loud & Clear 

If you ask any church sound engineer what one thing they hate dealing with the most, there's a pretty good chance they will say getting a good choir sound causes them the most trouble. In fact, it's not just the sound guys who get frustrated with a choir. I know plenty of worship leaders in Seattle who struggle with having a choir as well. Not only is getting great sound from choir microphones tricky, but leading, organizing, and rehearsing that big of a group is a lot of work. 

So why do we all put ourselves through the "hassle" of a choir? Because when done right, not only are you giving a larger percentage of your church the opportunity to lead people in an expression of worship, but when it's done well it can seriously enhance your worship service. Having an extra 20-100 people on stage, worshiping God with all their hearts and providing a huge vocal presence can really be an incredible, engaging boost to your worship times. 

But how do we get there? Well, here are five keys we’ve found to getting a good sound from your choir microphones. 


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